Made Me New


For I have fallen, lower than low

In a place I’ve learned to call home.

A house that is comfortable and diminished.


Far from you I cry out

In fear

For I cannot face this world alone.

I belong to you.


Make me new. Make me new.

For I am dust; far from you.

I am walking in the sludge of my own mess,

Unknown to the fact that I can walk among the light,

No longer lost in the shadows.


Make me new

For my heart is far from you,

But I want to be close.

Make me new.






For I belong to you

My heart is low and broken.

Tempted and tried,

I am found guilty in the Judge’s eyes,

But you have made me new.


Joy such joy! on that day when I see my Maker’s face

And He smiles upon me with his unchanging grace.

Despite the muck and mire still on my shoes,

Despite the fear that wrapped me like a cloak,

Despite the judgement in my eyes,

And the unfaithfulness in my heart,

He forgave me and made me new.


Said “your past is no longer your own,

and I will pay the price of your disgrace.

If you let me love you, I will adopt you.”


And so I serve not out of compulsion,

but because of his compassion.

He set a fire.

He saved my soul.

He gave me a gift.


Tell me.

What could I do but lift my hands

When I remember His name?

For He made me new

Took my brokenness and called me worthy,

Made me belong in a place far better than I.


Tell me.

What am I to do but lift my hands?


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