focus: to concentrate


It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Life’s been crazy; I’m sure you understand.

God’s moving. Don’t doubt that. Look up even for just a second. Look away from the planners, the projects, the papers, the tests, and all the other stressors. Look up and realize that there is more going on and that God is moving and while grades are good, souls are much more important. He is moving. Be encouraged by that.

While the Lord is working, it’s important that we stay focused. I am a runner and when I focus on my run: my breathing, the steps I’m taking, where my arms are, my time is faster. I am more efficient. I think that we forget that as believers, we need to remain focused on our race. We need to watch our footsteps and see where our feet are taking us. Are we running to win the prize?

We need to make time to read our Bibles, to journal and pray, to meet with others. We need to stop wasting our talents by hiding them in the dirt and use them, even if we fail the first time and the second time. We need to pour ourselves out for the Lord.

We need to stop binge-watching Netflix and start moving.

If there is no strength left in your veins, then maybe this is a season of grace for you. Maybe you need to be reminded that the Lord is your place of rest. Rest is much more than kicking your feet up for a few hours. Sabbath for awhile and the Lord will remind you-if you ask Him- that He is your place of strength. He will remind you that He is comfort, strength, joy, and perseverance altogether.

While we are in a place of weakness and despondency, we must remember that when Jesus healed the lame man he said, “stand up, take up your mat, and walk” (John 5:8). So often I forget to stand up when I am in a hard place, when I feel paralyzed. I forget that I am capable of walking and so I hide in sleepy dreams or behind a computer screen.

I start to believe the lie that the Lord doesn’t see me.

And yet He sees me even with my doubts, but faith steps don’t get enough credit. “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  We take steps of faith because while we may or may not see the sunshine right now, the Lord is preparing a way for the light to come through the clouds. Maybe we don’t feel the sunshine yet, but we have to trust that someday we will feel its warmth on our skin. So we step out of the front door, having confidence that the Lord will carry us through the day. We take faith steps.

Jesus is on this journey with us. One of my best friends has been ruminating on the idea that Jesus walks with us and how a walk can look different in various contexts. Sometimes walks are filled with laughter and intriguing conversations. Yet sometimes someone gets hurt and must limp for awhile; the walk then becomes painful, each step excruciating. A friend supporting a friend for a few yards or possibly for miles can be difficult. Sometimes walks turn into a run which may turn into a sprint. Yet no matter what Jesus wants to join in on our walk, on our journey. But will we let him?

Will we invite him in? Or will we say “but Lord this is too much for you?” As if we know the limit of His love.

Are you putting limits on the Lord’s love, power, grace, and mercy today? Watch your steps and notice where your feet are taking you today. If you don’t like it, change your course and your destination will change too.



2 thoughts on “focus: to concentrate

  1. How true. Rest. It’s not kicking your feet up. I think rest is climbing into lap of God and being absorbed into Him. It’s allowing Him to infiltrate into my every pore. Allowing Him to calm my turmoil and give me peace to the inner soul. Knowing he’s a part of your every being.

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